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Dayan Elimelech Vanzetta - Rav of Ahavas Yisrael

Dayan Elimelech Vanzetta learnt at leading Yeshivos in Israel, where he studied a number of different areas of Halachah, and was ordained by the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Israel as well as important contemporary Halachic Authorities, with whom he enjoys a particularly close, and ongoing, relationship.

The Dayan is the founding Rabbi of Ahavas Yisrael United Synagogue, Director of the Halachic Arbitration and Mediation Centre, a Senior Lecturer for US in The City, and, as of September 2017, the Rabbinical and Halachic authority for the United Synagogue Burial Society, working closely with the London Beth Din. In addition, he is consulted by fellow Rabbis and Dayanim the world over on all aspects of Jewish Law.

Previously, his roles as a Community Rabbi, Rosh Kollel, Rabbinical Judge and Secretary General of the Conference of European Rabbis have taken him to different countries in Europe and South America, where he was instrumental in establishing vital communal institutions and in further developing already existing ones.

Dayan Vanzetta served as Deputy to Chief Rabbi HaRav Yitzchak Shaked, שליט``א and a Senior Dayan in the Beth Din of the Jewish Orthodox Community of Chile for a decade, during which time he had the privilege of sitting in Beth Din proceedings with HaRav Neta Tzvi Greenblatt, שליט``א, Av Beth Din of Memphis (Tennessee, USA), one of the greatest experts in Gittin in the world.

In addition to his rabbinical studies, the Dayan studied Economics, Politics and International Relations at the LSE, Law at the University of Milan (Italy), is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a Member of the London Institute of Banking and Finance, and is an accomplished linguist, being fluent in eight languages.

Dayan Vanzetta lives in Edgware with his wife, Rebbetzen Rochel and, B”H, their growing family.

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David Hersh

Founding Chairman

David is married with five children and seven grandchildren. He has been involved in community and charitable work for nearly 35 years.  “I am excited to have been involved in helping to establish this new kehillah together with a very dedicated team. As Ahavas Yisrael grows we all hope that it will add to and enhance the growing Jewish community in Edgware. I have come to know Dayan Vanzetta very well and enjoy enormously his regular weekly halocha shiur.  In addition to being a very warm and caring person, he displays the essential human qualities and awareness skills that will encourage people to advance and grow in their learning”

Joel Silberstein


Married to Sharon with four children. Joel is a Chartered Accountant and Finance Director and has been previously been involved in communal actives in Cape Town, South Africa including being a founder member of Ohr Sameach Cape Town. Joel leads our Children’s Service which starts at 11.00 am each Shabbat. I had the privilege of meeting Dayan & Rebbitzen Vanzetta  on my first trip to Chile. They welcomed me into their home and after spending two Shabbatot with them in Santiago, I truly felt part of the family. The Dayan has been instrumental in the growth of Santiago’s Orthodox community and in the same way will help in establishing the new kehilah.”

In addition to his general role as Chairman, Joel also has special responsibility for Children/Youth Services and US Liaison

Annette Koslover

Vice Chair - Membership, Admin and Events.

Married to Paul, they have five children from ages 13-21. Annette is a solicitor and has many years’ experience working with schools in fundraising and as a Governor “I am very excited to be part of the new kehillah, led by the charismatic Dayan, which will give us the opportunity to move forward spiritually in a welcoming and inspiring environment.  I look forward to the challenge of helping to establish this community”

Malcolm Greenbaum


Married with three children, one at university and two in secondary school, Malcolm is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor and has been involved in shul finances for over 25 years.  He also holds a private pilot’s licence. “When I first met the Dayan, he exuded warmth, knowledge and humility. Having got to know him since I was invited to join the Committee and having attended his weekly shiur since its inception, I know that he will be an inspirational, compassionate and non-judgemental leader of our community”.e

Shmuli Orenstein


Married to Minkie with eight children. Shmuli has over thirty years experience in dealing with all types of commercial transactions with an emphasis on real estate. He has been involved in building a number of  new communities.  “I relish the opportunity to assist in opening a new and diverse community in this part of Edgware. It is an ideal opportunity for the United Synagogue to introduce Dayan Vanzetta to a wider audience and to bring choice with a different style of davening and learning to Central Edgware. My experience is that this new community will bring a new dimension which will undoubtedly strengthen other shuls and communities in the locality.”

Tina Son


Married with two children, one recently married, Tina has been a marketing consultant for many years latterly specialising in the Jewish not-for-profit sector.  “I am always looking for someone who can inspire me to take the next step towards greater understanding and observance and in the Dayan I know that I have found the inspirational leadership that will help me to continue my journey.

Gabbayim Rota

In order to involve as many suitable people as possible in our services we are planning a rota of gabbayim under the stewardship of our executive gabbay Howard Palmer.  

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