Shabbat Times & Future Events 

17th & 18th May Shabbat Emor (please click here for this week’s D’var Torah): We look forward to welcoming you to our services and shiurim

AGM Monday 20th May 8.00 pm: to be held at our usual premises

Lag b’Omer Barbecue 23rd May @ 6.30 pm:

Please join us at the home of one of our members for our Lag b’Omer barbecue. Please click here to book. Tickets are £5 an adult or £15 for a family with children under 12. Please note that this event is weather dependant and ticket price will be refunded in case of cancellation.




Sunday 26th May 9.15 am – 11.45 am Judaism in the Information Age: 

Approaching a religious and spiritual life in the 21st Century at Stanmore Shul with a special programme for children. Early bird tickets £5 per adult until 20th April and £10 thereafter and £5 a child. Please click here to book




Monday 3rd June 8.00 pm Ladies Rosh Chodesh Evening: please click here for the venue for this event


We have come together as a community to celebrate our love for Torah, Israel and our fellow Jew. As an orthodox kehillah under the auspices of the United Synagogue, we look forward to welcoming anyone and everyone who is seeking to increase their own personal knowledge and observance wherever they may currently be on their own particular journey.  We believe that learning should be a joy and we intend to offer inspirational shiruim and divrei Torah for both men and women.  In addition to this, our love of Israel will be celebrated not just through regular Shabbat tefilla but also on key dates such as Yom Ha’atzmaut and we are particularly honoured and delighted to have received this message of support from Eliahu Bendahan, Israel’s Deputy Defence Minister: letter and translation

“I was very happy to receive your letter informing me that on Shabbos Parashas Yisro, B’ezras H’, you will merit to inaugurate the Beit HaKnesset Ahavas Yisrael in Edgware, London.

May it be the will (of the Almighty) that you (all) shall merit to daven at the Beit HaKnesset for the People of Israel, for the Land of Israel and for the State of Israel and, B’ezras H’, we shall all merit, together, the arrival of Moshiach, speedly and in our days.”
With blessing and Kol Tuv,
Rabbi Eliahu Bendahan
Deputy Defence Minister”

The best way to experience all of our values is to join us for our Shabbat services and see for yourself. Children will be particularly welcome either in the main service or in their own children’s service or crèche.


We hope that everyone will feel comfortable in our services but we do ask that you keep your conversation for the Kiddush afterwards as we will be asking for quiet during the davening. Children are more than welcome and we will, of course, be tolerant of their ability to maintain the desired level of decorum.

In line with many United Synagogue shuls, we ask that ladies who are, or who have been, married wear a hat or otherwise cover their hair in shul. We also respectfully ask all  ladies and men to  dress appropriately for participating in Orthodox religious services.

We currently hold our services in Langdon’s premises off Manor Park Crescent HA8 7FR and we ask for your understanding if the facilities are not as perfect as we hope they will ultimately be. However, whatever we may lack in facilities we hope to more than make up for in a warm, welcoming and inspirational atmosphere.

Contact Details:

Although our services will take place in Langdon’s premises, please do not address any mail there. Instead please contact us at:

mPO Box 796, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 4RY.


t :  020 8050 1613